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Dr. Greg Pienaar

Educational Psychologist

Photo of Dr. Greg Pienaar

Dr. Greg Pienaar

Educational Psychologist

  • Dr Greg Pienaar Educational Psychologist

    • 21 Elizabeth Road
    • Bardene
    • Boksburg
  • Opening Hours:
    07:00 to 19:00 (Mon-Fri)
    10:00 to 14:00 (Sat)
  • Qualifications:
    Doctorate in Psychology - University of South Africa (1998) , Master of Education (Guidance and Counselling) - University of South Africa (1994) , Bachelor of Education (School Guidance and Counselling) - University of South Africa (1992) , Higher Diploma in Education (Post Graduate) - University of the Witwatersrand (1988) , Bachelor of Arts - University of South Africa (1987)
  • Languages:
    Afrikaans English
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    Dr Greg Pienaar is an experienced educational psychologist, teacher, and school principal with over 30 years of expertise in the educational field. He offers a range of services to school students, teachers, other therapists, and schools. With a focus on psychoeducational assessments, counselling for children and adolescents, career guidance, parent and educator consultations, and behavioural therapy, he aims to support individuals and institutions in achieving academic and developmental success. Dr Greg is additionally available for family legal assessments and parental co-ordination.


    * Psycho-edu assessments

    * School readiness testing

    * Career Guidance

    * Play therapy

    * Counselling

    * Teacher/school consultations & guidance

    * Family legal assessments

    * Parental co-ordination

    "Education is not preparation for life, education is life itself." - John Dewey

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