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We partner with leading doctor, clinic and allied healthcare groups

Combining your group's health care provider base and RecoMed's rich integrated booking functionality Will serve to enable increased bookings into practitioners and greatly improve efficiency.


Benefits to schemes

  • Practitioner listing on market-proven, consumer centric online booking platform.
  • Scalable solution for appointment growth and improved patient engagement
  • Seamless PMA workflow integration with RecoMed via API
  • Access to previously inaccessible patient networks by listing on RecoMed marketing channels
  • Full data reporting and insights
  • Maintain patient data security

Benefits to member

  • See provider availability
    in real-time without needing to phone
  • Book consultations directly into doctor's diaries in 30 seconds, 24/7, and receive automated appointment reminders and updates
  • Increase patient convenience and satisfaction

case study: medicross

clients who trust us

Connect with South Africa's fastest growing Healthcare marketplace.

RecoMed is the largest and fastest growing technology driven online healthcare booking platform and marketplace in South Africa, that seamlessly

connects practitioners, patients and other stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem.

RecoMed's marketplace offering connects health providers directly to a variety of medical schemes, life insurers, websites and other channels that

drive increased patient footfall into their practices.

We help practises grow with more bookings from new and existing patients.

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