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Dr. Craige Golding

Integrative Medicine Practitioner

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Dr. Craige Golding

Integrative Medicine Practitioner

(2 recommendations)

Advanced Integrative Medicine

  • 97 Central Street
  • Houghton Estate
  • Johannesburg
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    08:00 - 17:00 (Mon to Fri)
  • Qualifications:
    MBChB - University of Pretoria (1993) , FCP (SA) - SA College of Medicine (1999)
  • Associations:
    FAIM - Board of Directors Chairman
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  • Tel: ... (Click to view)
  • Opening Hours:
  • 08:00 - 17:00 (Mon to Fri)
  • MBChB - University of Pretoria (1993)
  • FCP (SA) - SA College of Medicine (1999)
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  • FAIM - Board of Directors Chairman
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    Dr Craige Golding is a specialist physician in anti-aging medicine. Anti-aging medicine is really about the prevention, early detection and reversal of the chronic diseases that become more common with age, and which constitute nearly 90% of the illnesses doctors treat on an ongoing basis. It truly is the medicine of the new millennium, advocating that people actively take control of their health rather than simply waiting for diseases to develop. People want to spend a longer time living healthily and a shorter time dying.”


    Golding qualified as a specialist physician in 1999 and quickly found that much of the time he was treating the symptoms of conditions like diabetes, cancer, dementia, heart disease, osteoarthritis and osteoporosis, rather than addressing the causes. “And yet many of these degenerative diseases of aging are largely preventable or reversible, if one can intervene early enough. Anti-aging medicine addresses the cause of the underlying problem, rather than merely treating the symptoms.”


    And then Golding heard of A4M, the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. It offers two board-certified courses in anti-aging medicine and Golding is now the only person in Africa to hold these qualifications. The qualifications are: ABAARM (American Board Certification in Anti-aging and Regenerative Medicine) and FAAFM (Fellow in Anti-Aging and Functional Medicine.)


    “The primary aim of anti-aging medicine is to prevent disease,” he says. “We’ve seen a huge explosion in ‘convenience living’, with a lot of bad nutrition as a result of high intake of fast foods. In addition we’re exposed to a high level of pollutants. In fact, just living increases one’s risk for disease, since we are living in an increasingly toxic environment and exposed to poor diets and excessive stress. But by paying attention to one’s health, detoxifying and implementing lifestyle changes such as sound nutrition, exercise, stress management and anti-aging medicine, sickness can largely be prevented.”


    Golding is looking to establish several integrative medicine centres throughout South Africa. The first of these, in Houghton, Johannesburg, is already up and running, and offers bio-identical hormone therapy, intravenous nutrient treatments and integrative approaches to cancer including, for example, high-dose vitamin C therapy. This centre also offers anti-aging skin treatments, specialist anti-aging consultations and bio-identical compounded hormone replacement therapies.


    Golding has been doing a number of seminars on anti-aging medicine, since February 2008. The topics covered include all areas of anti-aging medicine; to give some examples:

    bio-identical hormone replenishment



    thyroid health

    adrenal fatigue

    brain health

    prevention of cancers, such as breast cancer

    integrative approach to cancer treatments

    attention deficit disorder and autism spectrum

    metabolic syndrome

    weight loss



    Golding is also very enthusiastic about the nutritional treatment of cancer by means of intravenous nutrients. In 2007, Dr Shari Lieberman presented her successful case studies to the Fellowship in Anti-aging. She has seen very positive results using nutraceuticals and high doses of intravenous vitamin C. Golding hopes to introduce this to South Africa in the course of 2015.


    Golding is very conscious of the mind-body link. “Conventional medicine underestimates the importance of happiness. People want to feel good and be conscious of it. That’s why anti-aging medicine puts great emphasis on a holistic approach, viewing the patient/client as a complete entity, rather than only focusing on the one area where overt disease may be present.”

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    Dr Craige Golding is a life saver. Got to the cause of my problems and sorted them out. I will stay on this integrative regime. Never felt better. PAT PAISLEY

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    Only found the solution to my life long health problems through Dr Golding, no other doctor could find what was wrong let alone how to solve it.

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