Dr. Karlien Van Zyl

General Practitioner

Photo of Dr. Karlien Van Zyl

Dr. Karlien Van Zyl

General Practitioner

  • Kharismed Medical Centre Mooimed Hospital Suite Nr 108, 1 Chief Letulestreet, Potchefstroom

    • 1 Chief Albert Luthuli Drive
    • Potchefstroom
  • Opening Hours:
    08:00 to 16:00 (Mon-Fri)
  • Qualifications:
    MBChB - University of the Free State (2004)
  • Languages:
    Afrikaans English
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    At KharisMed we are passionate about families, wellness and exceptional medical care. KharisMed is ‘n medical practice consisting of Dr Karlien van Zyl (General Practitioner), Lizelle Payne, (Dietitian and Lactation Consultant) and Aninka Bekker (Physiotherapist). We have 34 years collective experience and complement each other in a unique way. 

    Our individual journeys in healthcare combined with a dream placed in our hearts brought us to a place where we want to provide a professional service that will contribute to the wellness of families in our community. 

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