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Dr. Bridget Cochrane

General Practitioner

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Dr. Bridget Cochrane

General Practitioner

(1 recommendations)
  • 24 Orchard Street, Newlands
  • Southern Suburbs
  • Cape Town
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  • English
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    What a privilege to be a general practitioner in the southern Suberbs. I have grown up in the area and am now a gp in the same practice as our family doctor. We practice from a cute little cottage, so it feels very much like home.

    I really enjoy seeing patients from the whole family, from the newborns to the grans and granddads. I especially have a passion for young children and young adults, and also for women's health.

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    Bridget is sweet, kind, funny, energetic, always makes me feel at home, is highly professional and always has a massive smile on her face. She's the best doctor I've ever had.

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